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The world of communications is ever changing: it now covers everything from communicating at the office to watching TV at home.

This area is dedicated to the services required to establish and maintain efficient communications in today's complex world.

An unrivalled portfolio and an an unequalled team - available internationally - make SJG the best comms partner you can get. 




Switch Audit    
    Switch Auditing from is designed to combat abuse of your system from within [call barring]  and from the outside world [hacking]. The aim of the audit it to identify the areas of concern and produce an action plan.
    Badly programmed / managed systems are routinely found by . The common problems are where system users can make unauthorised calls. This is often from bad management: an example would be not  keeping up with the code changes where a user is barred from premium rate calls. The problem is that  he is barred from the old code [0898] not the new code of 09.

Another common fault - usually bad programming - is the ability of a user to bypass barring. He is barred from std numbers yet, if he uses 121 or 141, before the outside number: he can call anywhere he chooses.
There are many, many more ways for staff to bypass any barring: an audit by is a way of tackling this

    An audit by is a way of combating the financially disastrous impact that can be made by the hacker. has dealt with sites that have lost up to £3000 per day from criminal hacking. Usually taking place out of hours this 'commercial' exploitation of outward dialling routes involves calls to overseas locations on massive scale. One site was targeted over a week-end and suffered call charges of over £10000

Criminal hacking in the UK is not a sophisticated process involving whiz kids or nerds hacking in vi a pc. In the UK, DDI number ranges are 'leaked' together with switch type to 'operators' who will find an outbound route from the switch. Once tested and proved the required number sequences to gain access to international destinations will be issued to 'members' of a syndicate or to a 'call centre'. The switch will be blitzed and calls will not cease until the route is removed. Occasional usage which can remain undetected [phreaking] is not common - where it does exist it is usually staff or someone with a relationship to the site


RAS hacking is extremely rare yet is the route most managers seem obsessed with. This is the first door shuts!

    An audit will tackle issues such as passcodes, RAS admin, system admin & switch usage. Procedures and routines will be established catering for safe admin and to combat issues arising from disgruntled staff and bad maintainers.
    the audit  takes a close look at the hacker's favourites: VoiceMail and Freephone access
    post audit , the client would decide which operational routines and switch changes would be suitable for his particular business. Most changes can be implemented by

as with many services & facilities offered by , the audit can be tailored to client's particular needs and encompass related areas, such as call routing & handling

    Specific items dealt with by an audit  would include:
  • DISA
  • networking [inter-office]
  • DDI
  • networks [PTO and alternate carriers]
  •  ARS
  • LCR
  • Routing
  • number management [freephone, premium rate]
  • voicemail
  • extension / device usage
  • system features
  • switch management
  • system access
  • admin practices
    The audit  is available to clients as part of their support package and to any business as a switch service. lead-times are as per the support package or, to non clients, within 30 days - start to complete. the audit may involve a number of personnel reflecting the switch and its packages [voicemail, acd etc]. the audit is restricted to systems of a certain type and size because many switches do not warrant the expense. on multi site networks all switches would be examined.

RAS Control: clients can benefit from RAS Control where, upon notification or via our on site equipment telling our support centre,  switch routes, services and facilities can be remotely altered  or closed down.

Switch Support    


  Switch Support services from is your solution to the day to day management issues arising on your site.

As your business develops and changes occur, you want to make changes quickly and correctly Switch Support enables you to do this.

Essentially a help desk facility Switch Support offers a solution path to cater for your own moves and changes tasks.


Limited Switch Support services from are available free of charge [points based] in the period immediately after upgrade or provision of services and equipment.
On-going support is provided:

  • as part of a service package
  • paid ad-hoc [charged in units of 15 minutes]
  • points based credit
  • subscription

Available during working hours or, with selected packages, 24 / 7. 
Supported users merely have to call the support services number, give their pre-assigned passcode and state their request.


Switch Support services from are designed to assist you to successfully complete the routine tasks demanded of a System Manager. With the optional use of RAS, these tasks include over 100 system facilities, many of which are listed here:

  • Account Codes

  • Analogue device features

  • Analogue 'phone features

  • ARS Routing - basic

  • Attendant Answering & Forwarding

  • Call Barring

  • Call Handling - make & take, hold, transfer, park

  • Call Logging

  • Call Redirection

  • Class of Service


  • Charge Accounting

  • Charge Account Authorisation

  • Console operation

  • DDI

  • Department Management

  • Digital Terminal Features

  • Directory Management

  • DISA

  • Distinctive Ringing

  • End-to-End Signalling

  • Enabling - extensions

  • Extended PABX facilities

  • Feature Codes

  • Groups - hunting, pickup, incoming & outgoing

  • History

  • HOT Line

  • LCR Routing - basic

  • Line Selection

  • Login

  • Multi Customer

  • Network Routing - basic

  • Operator Answering

  • Out of Service - Lines & Extensions

  • Password Management

  • POT features

  • Port enabling & management

  • Proprietary Terminal Features

  • Redial

  • Re-enabling - trunks & extensions

  • Speed Dials - personnel, set & system

  • Tenant Working

  • Time & Date

  • Trunk Barring

  • Trunk Steering

  • Walking Class of Service

Voice over IP & IP Telephony    



As analogue voice and digital data transmissions merge, IP telephony represents a global revolution in the way communications are made.

With the inclusion of the Internet in the equation, multiple solution paths now exist for local & global communications.

One of the deciding factors in choosing a VoIP solution is, by sending voice traffic over a data network, costs for a long distance call may be reduced by a massive 90%

Other significant costs can be saved such as in infrastructure: Instead of 2 separate networks - voice and data - VoIP merges the two into a single IP network reducing cabling and its associated costs [eg maintenance]



IP capable switches offer in-built VoIP facilities. However, gateway solutions offer immediate cost effective solution paths for all environments:

There are, obviously, unlimited variants in solutions and applications. However, it is possible to visualize three main scenarios:

    Site to site to multi site


    2. Main Site to remote site



3. Main Site to mobile worker / SoHo worker


The three scenarios [above] are simplified working examples of ‘typical’ applications. In the real world there can be combinations of the above and multiple sites.

Additionally, there are applications working outside of the intra company environment such as supplier to customer where an outside party would be given a protected route into his customer’s network.

In short, there are many applications which have not even been thought of yet.



 The IP routing equipment required to provide these solutions is available now from . Tried & tested, the solutions are not expensive and can offer return of investment in weeks or months not years.

The IP route needed can be any IP route even ADSL and even dial up!

Voice over Broadband: Voice over Broadband (VoBB) offers the ideal route for VoIP traffic when looking to replace expensive, local, inter-site traffic that, traditionally, has been catered for by expensive private wires [circuits]. Carrying VoIP on a VPN [ virtual private network] using broadband is becoming  common, which also allows savings on the cost of inter-site 'internal' calls.


When considering VoBB, factors such as network stability and capacity, plus quality of service, must be analysed.

Remember,  DSL network downtime doesn't mean that you just lose your EMail or Browser for a while: you've now lost your inter-site voice comms - a case which never happens with private wires. Equally, a local power cut can silence your network. Some integrated voice backup, therefore,  must be enabled to provide assured service


Because voice traffic must be 'live' it is a far more critical application than data. Companies need SDSL [as opposed to the, common, ADSL] for a reliable service. Although flexible bandwidth from the ISP may be offered in the future to allow allocation of capacity to voice, it needs to be stressed that a plug n play solution does not exist and the achievement of the required Quality of Service may have to be through a combination of measures

  • Some applications use managed services, such as IP centrex, for VOBB. IP centrex over broadband works as a managed VPN using mutli protocol label switching (MPLS) to provide  quality of service

Home users may call pals PC-to-PC over the Internet but calls outside the VPN are over the PSTN network. Calls using broadband are using the internet as their carrier!  As the available bandwidth is variable, congestion can remove the voice link. The route of data traffic may even be transcontinental causing unacceptable delay.

  • To call outside a VPN using broadband a VoIP gateway is needed to convert a call from the PSTN network into an IP call, and an IP call to a PSTN call.  

  is the only UK company offering the entire implementation service. As is known, will tailor any application to the particular requirements working, where necessary with all concerned parties [IT department, Maintainers etc].

 1. Services

is totally independent: does not sell LCR, ADSL, ISDN or any network services. The customer’s LCR routes are tailored to the customer's needs free from unnecessary routing. will arrange for all required services and deals with all UK service providers.

In short, is the one stop shop.

 2. PBXs

These solutions work on any PBX and ’s expertise allows implementation on any switch with creation / preservation of full ARS.

’s range of fully supported switches is unparalleled

Customers requiring upgrades [eg additional hardware] to switches to accommodate the new solutions can be processed by entirely: provision of hardware, installation and on-going maintenance.


can fully implement the solution onto the existing IP infrastructure or create an IP network from scratch. This includes the necessary security and firewall applications.

4. Geography

provides implementation throughout the UK and, where required, internationally.

5. Customer Sales

provides regular seminars for end users so they can see scenarios in action and full sales support – including site visits.

6. Support

provides full maintenance services on all IP products and, where required, remote maintenance & management.


From user training to highly sophisticated system manager modules offers the ability to use and control your switch to the maximum



Courses & modules from take place at your own site on your own switch, saving you time & expense. The courses are tailored to reflect your particular site[s] and can be regarded as bespoke.


  also provides a range of training packages aimed at  providing the skill-sets demanded of today's voice & data professionals such as Voice over IP implementation for systems sales staff and GSM routing for dealers. These solutions are designed to equip the people in the field with the ability to provide sales and services based on a sound knowledge foundation. Contact  direct with your requirements

Least Cost Routing & Automatic Route Selection    
    is the UK leader in the implementation of ARS & LCR and services in relation to CPS

Specialising in large switches & networks, 's expertise has been employed world-wide
Now, these services are primarily used for removing LCR from switches and route creation to accommodate VoIP

Video Audio & Web Conferencing   

offers the very highest quality conference solutions
's expertise and massive portfolio of switches means that a full package is available complete with installation and, in the case of non stand alone applications, upgrading & programming of the host switch

SJG   Network Infrastructure: Supply, installation & maintenance of voice & data networks; cat 5, 6 fibre.
Telephone systems: Supply, installation & maintenance of telephone systems inc. VoIP
Specialised testing Datacomms: Fibre, ISDN [PRI, DASS , DPNSS & BRI]
Specialised testing Electrical: PAT, ELI, Distribution
CCTV: Supply, installation & maintenance of CCTV
Door Entry & Access Systems: Supply, installation & maintenance of multiple integrated access control systems
Nurse Call Systems: Supply, installation & maintenance of systems for healthcare sectors


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