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Voice, Data & Media Design services from SJG for developers & construction companies  
It is essential with developments today, commercial or residential: large or small, that a complete solution is in place from day one regarding telecommunications, data and television


From a commercial perspective, the required infrastructure must be in place in order to meet the requirements of the prospective tenants or purchasers. Inability to cater for the multiple forms of service delivery actually results in the building becoming unusable without massive additional costs 
  Today’s developer must be able to offer a portfolio of in-built services to the client or tenant that allows him to move in with all of the necessary infrastructure in place. This also has the benefit, from a marketing perspective, of being available as a selling point by highlighting the fact of comprehensive service provision with the comfort of knowing that competitors will want to shy away from what they have in place – or, rather, what they don’t have  
The ‘necessary infrastructure’ needs to be designed into the development very early on – before the foundations are laid. A pro active stance is required to ensure the development comes into being with all of the necessary plant & services in place without additional costs to the client, legal issues or bandwidth failure


Rather than go into all of the problems posed by modern IT delivery and SJG’s abilities to cater for them or avoid them altogether, let’s use the allegory of water. Think of all the problems you have heard of regarding water: plumbing, distribution, sewerage and the mains feeds from the water provider. You absolutely must overcome all of theses problems otherwise the building is unusable. As you are experienced in this area you will know all of the little things you must do to avoid problems. However, you will know of complete disasters that have befallen others who have missed out one little piece of the jigsaw. This is the case with what we now call VDM [voice data media infrastructure]. SJG ensures you design in all the requirements of VDM
  • Telephone lines
  • 21CN Lines
  • Voip & SIP Lines
  • Telephone Systems [plus all peripherals]
  • Door entry systems
  • CCTV
  • TV [Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable]
  • Alarm systems
  • Data Lines [Broadband, Private Circuits, Satellite Feeds]
  • Internal distribution [Cat5, Cat6, Fibre, Co-ax, CW1308]

The above list highlights the prime areas but what it hints at is the fact that all of the systems are slowly integrating into a single IP network. SJG ensures that these differing systems can be installed yet easily integrate into an IP environment. Equally, the legal & commercial ‘regulations’ that lead to high cost, post build, re-installations & upgrades are avoided


An example of integrated services in action would be CCTV. It really is becoming obsolete to install a traditional infrastructure for CCTV when IP systems use the data infrastructure which is already being installed. This also applies to TV distribution, such as in hotels & nursing homes, where the co-ax need not be installed because, again, the TV can be ‘fed’ via the data network


SJG has a pick and mix portfolio of services available to developers & constructors. For example we will use an example where all services are used


SJG are involved in the site layout design where the provision of network services is dealt with. Here, we agree with the networks available in the area how to ensure we have provision of services to an agreed demarcation point within the building. Once this has been agreed the plans for the footings will be amended to provide for the underground feeds and ducting. By catering for copper & fibre at this stage we aim for no further works of this type for at least 25 years


This crucial stage also tackles the emerging problem for building occupiers for demarcation of network services. Here, SJG, co-ordinates with the client to ensure the correct legal & commercial demarcation is achieved – all this before the foundations are even laid. This alone is a significant and crucial task for the entire life of the building   As the project gets under way SJG supervises the works to ensure they conform to the rigorous regulations that are in place
  As the final plans are being dealt with, SJG will co-ordinate with all parties to ensure the correct provision of all services [additional mains & earthing, UPS, wiring, DPs, data cabs, tv & cctv etc]. Rather than clashing with the architect, client, client’s IT company/department and your M&E installers, SJG co-ordinates them. This has the benefit of using your M&E installers to install all of the infrastructure instead of employing multiple parties. SJG supervises M&E throughout and does the final testing & certification [if they can’t or won’t]  
If required, SJG can appoint the necessary equipment providers, or supervise them and even provide all of the equipment that is required


At the stage we become involved, the M&E provider is usually already in place. On rare occasions SJG can undertake the entire M&E provision. However, the key cost savings are where SJG utilize the M&E for a one party install of all of the infrastructure
  At the commissioning stage, SJG represents the developer to ensure all covered services are brought into service and co-ordinates with all parties to see the infrastructure through its guarantee period  
The end result is all services are available from day one with minimum hassle on an extended long term basis


SJG is ensuring the client gets what he wants. The developer gains access to more income by dealing with areas that in the past have been neglected. Equally, tackling these problems from an early stage and dealing with them throughout construction saves all parties a lot of money
  Using SJG is not restricted to a complete solution – you can call on SJG whatever the stage of your development  
Network Infrastructure: Supply, installation & maintenance of voice & data networks; cat 5, 6 fibre.
Telephone systems: Supply, installation & maintenance of telephone systems inc. VoIP
Specialised testing Datacomms: Fibre, ISDN [PRI, DASS , DPNSS & BRI]
Specialised testing Electrical: PAT, ELI, Distribution
CCTV: Supply, installation & maintenance of CCTV
Door Entry & Access Systems: Supply, installation & maintenance of multiple integrated access control systems
Nurse Call Systems: Supply, installation & maintenance of systems for healthcare sectors


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