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Products & Services


Second to None

SJG provides an unrivalled portfolio of products & services tailored to meet the requirements of the IT sector.

Whatever you want — Whatever you need

Modern IT providers are looking for efficient state of the art systems that deliver slick information technology solutions. Equally, estates often consist of diverse systems of varying ages & types that need to be incorporated without huge capital equipment change-outs.

SJG specializes in the key areas concerned which means SJG is uniquely suited to meet all of these requirements. Dealing with the very latest network services for clients such as Opal, Cable & Wireless and BT enables SJG to always be in the forefront of the latest IT developments such as VoIP, SIP and IPTV. With an incomparable index of systems covered, SJG can incorporate just about any existing switches into today’s IT environment.

All this, together with installation, maintenance & support; network services and service delivery makes SJG the choice for healthcare.  Yet there’s more: SJG offers full pick and mix scenarios allowing an easy integration with existing providers and contractors.

SJG’s aptitude for the healthcare sector encompasses all of its varieties with equal innovation & support.




The End
The core of any business or operation is its communications system. Up ‘til now this has been in the form of a telephone system aka a ‘PBX’. However, new technologies herald the end of the reign of the PBX
A New Beginning
The fundamental change behind the ‘new way’ is digital. Digital technology is transforming all areas of technology such as television & radio. Closely linked to digital is IP— the internet. Eventually all products & services will be IP compatible meaning that diverse systems will actually communicate as on. The best example is video calls where data, voice & tv merge into one application.
Theoretically the PBX is already gone as modern systems are often entirely IP and don’t even need traditional handsets. However, IP is often existing technology with a new name: inter-site VoIP is merely private circuits with a fresh protocol.
In the real world, the costs of throwing everything in the skip is entirely unacceptable. Equally, throwing all your eggs in one basket is a high risk strategy. This is where SJG excels, SJG are experts in making the best of what you have already and integrating the best of the ’new’ products & services that become available as soon as they are available. SJG is in the forefront of new technology yet have the resources to cater for the older traditional—and hardest to replace— hardware suites.
SJG plans the entire strategy of multi discipline technologies, integrates it, installs it and supports it whilst giving the client the opportunity to retain whatever elements he wishes ie a pick n mix solution.

    What is IPIT?

ipit from SJG gives you everything you need:

· Telephony

· DSL or Cat5 network elements

· High Speed Internet

· Digital TV

· Scheduled movies

· Movies on demand

· Time shifted TV

· Multi-channel availability

· Foreign language TV & Video on demand

· Customised user interface

· Digital signage for home information

· Fully networked admin, billing & information systems

· Multi-service incorporation [security, cctv, pa, alarms]


Telephone Systems


SJG covers a vast range of systems thus supporting what you have in place already and offering a huge choice of new systems
è Mitel, Panasonic, BT, Nortel, Samsung, Siemens, Plessey, GPT, Alcatel, Avaya

  Network Services  
    SJG provides installation, maintenance & rentals  of all ‘line’ type network services on unbeatable terms such as free site to site calls and STD rates from 0.5ppm
è ISDN2, Analogue, ISDN30, DPNSS, VoIP, Sip, Broadband, Private Circuits
  On-Site Radio & Paging  
    Simply the best way to get hold of busy staff who could be anywhere! Nurses & maintenance personnel can reached slickly & speedily
è Motorola, BT, Binatone, Unitel, Kenwood, Entel, Icom, Cobra, Scope
    Throughout the UK and beyond ,SJG offers a full installation service. Second to none, certified & reliable.
è CW1308, Cat5, Cat6, Fibre, UG, Nurse call, Alarms, Wireless
    Voice over IP is available in all its forms from SJG. VoIP offers free inter site communications and centralized messaging & voice mail functions
è VoIP, SIP, Sip Trunking, Hosted SIP
  Maintenance & Support  
    SJG provides full support services and on-site maintenance on a vast range of equipment—new & old
è Nurse Call, Telecomms, Alarms, TV, CCTV, LAN, WAN, Satellite, Networks
  E commerce  
    SJG hosts, builds & maintains websites that not only offer a window on your business but also provides value added services
è Websites, on-line stores, payment systems, CMS, helpdesk, forums
    Whatever your network needs—SJG has the answer. From mini-LANs to full, multi-site, international WANs SJG covers them all.
è Ethernet, Wireless,  LAN, WAN, VPN, Private circuits, DPNSS
    Hospitality services include TV, VoD, Movies, Presentation, Telephony, Data, & Mobile Data . SJG provides the infrastructure & management systems needed to provide all of this
è Billing Systems, Multi protocol delivery platforms, Management & Admin
    SJG is at the forefront of the IPTV revolution that will see a re-write on how we all view things
è Content, Content delivery, Streaming, Hosting, Production, Storage, VoD, TV


    From traditional TV sets and the associated co-ax distribution to state of the art IPTV provides products, installation & maintenance
è TV, Video, Satellite, Co-ax, TV distribution, Freeview conversion, DVD, CD, CDi
    SJG is a one stop shop and provides all necessary peripherals & ancillary products & bolt-ons for all systems
è Headsets, Recording equipment, UPS, VoiceMail, Cables, Connectors,  Screens
    Let SJG design your comms, data & media distribution for your new build and sit back for years of low cost trouble free service delivery don’t end up paying £1000 per resident  line
è New Builds, Renovations, Extensions
    SJG provides full site audits allowing you to ensure all services are valid. SJG roots out abandoned circuits and identifies your full portfolio
è Lines, Services, Distribution, usage
    SJG’s consultancy is a comprehensive  service designed to put you in full control of your  products & services
è Design, Strategy, Policy
    Multi protocol IP Communications system package offering up to 5000 users full multi-protocol communications, voicemail & conferencing .
è Serves multiple sites & departments


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